32k Filename Characters – It’s Possible

32k Filename Characters – It’s Possible

Among a vast number of file management software programs available, Long Path Tool is probably the most precise and up to date with the demands of the user regarding particular PC errors that include problems like filename too long and destination path too long. Such errors are displayed by a computer during common processes like copying or deleting a file and often become the cause of a big disappointment and anger. Long Path Tool vows to resolve all of these through its easy to install and use features. These errors are common with users of the latest version of Windows Explorer or the FAR in your data’s management, that allow only 255 characters for a filename. With the Long Path Tool, however, you are allowed the huge number of thirty two thousand characters worth a file’s name.

The lasting solution to this nuisance of continuous errors from the computer is in the form of the software mentioned above. Long Path Tool is the only praiseworthy and reputable software in the market for such a task as of recent releases. Usually, when using a file management system, one’s data is not stored directly into folder, however, in place of it, it is taken through a long and tiring path throughout the computer to then make it accessible from multiple locations. But in the process, the usual file management software like Windows Explorer tends to make a specific file’s destination path way too long, which results in your computer experiencing problems when it has to copy, rename, or even delete the file as it fails to travel the said path.

Long Path Tool is not only responsible for solving problems relating to an unusually long destination path, it also helps resolve issues relating to a filename too long. It is common for frequent users of a file management system to experience problems regarding the access and management of files with a name of more than 255 characters. With the Long Path Tool, this issue has been given significance and the software does not experience problems when dealing with it. Other similar problems that include errors of a long file path when deleting or copying a file are just the symbols and hidden messages that all point to the fact that you need the Long Path Tool software with your personal computer.

Long Path Tool is also very useful as it easily dominates the Windows Explorer, FAR Manager and numerous other file managing systems due to its compatibility with almost any operating system. In which are included the latest versions from Microsoft, including the latest operating systems and going as early as the first Windows 95 system. Furthermore, Long Path Tool is not just a file management system that causes ease with a filename too long or a destination path too long. Furthermore, it helps solve your problems when you see an error message that includes the computer not being able to read from a particular disk, and the system being unable to delete a particular file.

The Long Path Tool is easily available for download over the internet. As for compatibility issues specifically, it is friendly with Microsoft’s Windows 95, 98, Me, Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, the latest Windows 8, the servers software including 2000, 2003, 2008 and the Windows Server 2012. The software also makes accessibility for user easier by providing a direct shortcut on the desktop. One click on the said shortcut displays all your files with a large filename or destination from where it is even simpler to copy, delete or rename all of these without the fear of having another error that calls the filename too long. With an easy to use interface, Long Path Tool does not need any special or additional requirements for its set up and instead, can be downloaded and installed with special ease.

Since there have been many moments when users encounter problems in managing files that are too long, the need to develop a fair and easy file managing software was often mentioned. The Long Path Tool completely fits these criteria with its long range of functions and well reputed history. It can even unlock files locked by other systems and can scan your drives for files with longer names. Other than this, what users greatly demand is free software. The Long Path Tool tries to take care of this insistence as best as it can by offering a free trial version for a limited time with all the functions. People experiencing errors particularly like a destination path too long, management of large files and those who download mostly through the web will find the Long Path Tool very useful in their file management and file error messages resolution. The Long Path Tool is speedy, proficient and at the same time simple.

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