256 characters long fix

Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is a program, which solves consumers’ problems, connected to the fact that Windows has limits concerning the length of the pathname.

The longest pathname, that can be copied, deleted or renamed by Windows, in 256 characters long. If the pathname is any longer than that, you would probably experience the PATH TOO LONG error. This difficulty should not bother you anymore, as the Long Path Tool program is specially designed to deal with the pathnames, regardless their names. Even the pathnames, that include 32,000 characters (which is the internal limit of Windows), can be handled by this program.

There is a number or problems, which are connected to the fact that a pathname is too long. The errors, displayed in such cases, include the words LONG PATH and the specific details about this exact problem. The case, in which you might have a difficulty, can be the process of unlocking, deleting, renaming, copying or managing the files with a too long pathname. But all of these problems will be solved with one stroke, if you apply the Long Path Tool program on these files, and continue working with them afterwards.

In order to start using the program, which is going to solve so many problems, you just need to download and install it – the actions that are performed quite easily, and don’t have any need of special technical knowledge. The LPT of the Long Path Tool is reconcilable with any single Windows OS, so you won’t face a problem, concerning its compatibility. The process of manipulating with the program is quite simple too. After opening the Long Path Tool, you will be able to manage all your files in a single window. The design is attractive to eye, the controls are easily defined, so your experience has to be comfortable. The easiness of performing the required actions, the lack of any specific system necessities, and the effective result are sufficient guarantors for you flawless satisfaction with the program. All you have to do while working with it, is managing your files through one window, and solving your problems, connected to too long pathnames, with efficient speed.

The Long Path Tool is the adequate answer to the fact that many people are experiencing considerable difficulties during their various activities at the computer, connected to the excessive length of the pathnames of different files. In addition to dealing with these difficulties, the program also provides its users with pleasant bonuses, including support and updates, with no payment, and while they are still using the free trial version. Moreover, new information about the updates of the Long Path Tool and the other programs can the sent on emails.

The most important about the Long Path Tool is, however, the fact that it can save a lot of time and effort, while working with files that frequently have names too long for Windows. The program provides its consumers with easy, time-saving, effective and quick solution, that will make the problems in managing files with long pathnames be solved once and for all.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6