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The tool is a very efficient software installation, which is of great help in sorting out problems faced with files, and folders having long path name which are having more than 255 characters.

Sometimes when we try renaming or deleting some particular file, there are error messages which tell that the task cannot be started as the filename or destination name label is very long. These include messages like the ‘path is too long’ or the ‘file name is not valid’, or ‘there is an error while copying the file’, or ‘there is an error while deleting the file’, and many such similar messages. This tool can run on any kind of OS and even the first version of Windows 95. This is where the Long Path tool software becomes handy.

Benefits of Long path tool software

All problems where error messages of the above type are displayed can be efficiently handled by this versatile software which is very easy to use and also effective. This has to be downloaded from the website and then it can resolve all problems pertaining to long file name, long path or other such related issues. Because it offers an easy usage, the software is of help for everyone and also gives a neat solution to all types of problems with file management like in deleting, copying, and renaming or management of large files with the simple click on a button.

Other types of Error messages where the tool is used:

The Tool is also usable in cases where these error messages are displayed:

A sharing violation has occurred; Unable to read source file or the disk; unable to delete the file or the folder: invalid file name specified; or long file name; or an error message showing that the source and / or the destination file is in use and many such file management errors that are encountered in the daily computing use. The Long Path Tool eliminates all such problems and provides a sleek interface icon clicking on which almost instantly directs the user to another window from which the work is done. Now error messages as above do not disturb the operations and this useful program is able to handle pathnames up to 32,000 characters long.

Compatible Platforms:

Operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Me, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Server 2008

Advantages of the Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is able to find long path files and also folders very quickly. It is able to work on any version of Windows and deleting of files locked by the system is possible. Deleting files which have been mapped from network folders is also possible. The tool comes handy and provides a list of files with paths having 200 characters or more.

The future versions of the application are available without any charges. Hence upgradation of the latest version is not to be worried about by the user. The tool can be downloaded online making the usage simplified. The tool is very fast, effective, efficient and simple in nature. This is presently the most popular tool used online.

Competitors of Long Path Tool:

Firstly, there is Robocopy which is given by Microsoft and used in copying and xcopying files using a interface in the command line; it is robust and boosts the copy procedure but for long path files it is not effective.

Second is pathlongtool, which has very limited functionality in cases where mapping and the changing of files are needed. Thirdly there is a Long path support Api, which is complex and useful only for  advanced users.


The Long Path Tool is most useful as it takes care of all types of error messages like path too long, filename too long and short path. It is able to unlock files which are locked from other system process and is able to scan the drives for paths and files longer 255 characters and much more.

What is the most desirable part is that free updates are available and also there is free support even if it is a trial version. Email updates are received along with the news regarding the latest applications helps in managing files in an efficient way.

As the tool is easily downloadable and possesses an ease of installation into the PC, the application a big hit. It is compatible with almost all operating systems and technical knowledge is not need while using it. The free version with full support can be tried before the actual purchase.

The Long Path Tool is very useful for people who have to manage and download long filename mostly from the web. It greatly simplifies and makes it very convenient choice where an operation involving file management is needed.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6