The Long Path Tool

The Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is very useful if you are having problems in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files that are considered filename too long by your system.

In some cases, you might experience issues renaming files with more than 300 characters, managing and accessing them, this program has been launched to address this issue. If you also face issues such as error messages that informs you about the path being lengthy, destination path being lengthy or can’t delete files; then this tool is most suitable for you.

This program is also suitable for circumstances where you find these type of error messages: There is a sharing transgression, can’t read disk or source file, can’t delete folder or file, file name is is too long or invalid, and several other errors that might be encountered when computing.

This program is launched to erase all these type of managing issues and provide sleek interface in which users can work on. Finally, error messages such as lengthy path, filename being lengthy, “Error 320, This path is lengthy” and path being lengthy will be solve for ever. This awesome program is capable of handling pathnames that has within 32,000 characters of internal limit.

How to use the Long Path Tool

You just have to download the program online and start enjoying the services. Long path tool can work with all Window Operating System including Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, 2003, Vista, 2000, XP, Windows 7, Windows server 2000, Windows server 2008, Windows 8, Windows server 2012. Generate an icon for easy accessibility of the LPT on your computer. Whenever you want to manage files with lengthy filename, just click on the icon and it will immediately link you to a window which shows all of your files. There you can delete, move, rename and open your files without having to worry about error messages telling you there is a problem somewhere.

The LST accesses the folders and files immediately and possesses an easy and comfortable interface that everyone understands. You don’t need any unique system requirement to set up this program and everything is executed quickly and easily.


The LPT is really a comfortable program to posses mostly when you need a lasting solution to your files being managed effectively.

What most users love about this software are the support and updates they freely receive; even when they are using the trial version. You can get free updates and information on your email. The LPT is effective, fast and very simple for anyone to operate and use any convenient time.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6