Long Path Tool program

How often do you use computer? For the majority of people the answer is every day. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine our life without them. Computers are our best friends, they’re helpful and useful. Most computers use Microsoft Windows; it is a leader in an industry with more than 90% market share which means 9 out of 10 PC users have it installed on their computers. Microsoft keeps the bar high with regular updates, new features and fixes.

From the other hand, Windows OS is well-known for many bugs and errors that can spoil your good mood and destroy files, make the machine run slow or show error messages one by one. Many problems made people hate Microsoft; users turn to different sources to find solutions, but can’t find them. Windows support doesn’t help either. The error that bothers many users is about long path and files names.7

Literally every person who use Windows OS came across this mistake at least ones. Files and folders with long names can be created by viruses, other systems, programs or software. You can try to uninstall the program, delete virus or reboot the system but files will be there. They use space in the disk, create many subfolders, make computers slower and at the end they’re just something you may not want to have. When you try to remove, rename, copy or delete them you don’t succeed. It is even worse with long path destinations, where you have a file that you need but can’t reach it because of errors. It is not surprising that people try to find a solution and Long Path Tool can provide you with it.

Windows Explorer and FAR manager are used by many people, but their functionality is limited by Windows Shell. Usually users are not bothered by it, but there is one limitation that plays on our nerves. We’re talking about filenames, folder names and path destinations that can’t be longer than 255 characters. It is not that much at all, Windows Explorer favorites usually have longer names, not mentioning viruses and adware. If you try to copy, rename, move or delete them, you’ll encounter many error messages like File name too long, Too long path, Destination Path Too Long, winrar 260 character limit fix or many others. These messages are pretty straightforward and tell you what’s happening. But they don’t tell you how to fix the problem, there are only 2 buttons: skip and cancel.

Long Path Tool can offer you a permanent solution that really works. There are many software on the Internet that pretend to help, but as a matter of fact they are either too complicated, or don’t work at all. Long Path Tool is the only program on the market that combines functionality and simplicity. It helps when your file is stored inside many subfolders, or when you want to copy, delete, rename, move or do any operations with files. No more destination path too long and filename too long errors will appear.

Long Path Tool can replace file manager since it has more functional and user friendly. It works smoothly on many Windows versions including Windows Vista Ultimate, WinXP, Windows 95, WinME, Windows Vista Business x64, Win98, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Enterprise x64 and Windows Vista Home Basic x64. Whether you have an old Windows 95 or the newest Vista you can face errors, and Long Path Tool knows how to deal with them. Forget about 255 characters limitation, with the Tool you can work with 32000, which is much more impressive.8

It is not only a file managing tool; it can help with many other errors. For example, if you encounter The source or destination file may be in use message, it means that files are locked. It is done by Explorer on purpose to avoid system errors. If you want to delete those files, Long Path Tool is the easiest, fastest and safest way to do so. It also can schedule the file to be deleted with the next reboot or kill the process that keeps the file open.

Long Path Tool is a user friendly program that everybody can use. Whether you’re an experienced user or a newbie it is easy for you to navigate through Long Path Tool menus and lists. To start using the program you only need download it online and after quick installation process it will be ready. To have Long Path Tool near at hand you can create a desktop icon. Every time you face error messages click on the icon and navigate to files and paths using buttons. Another option is to drug and drop long name files and folders and Long Path Tool will do the rest. There is also a drop-down menu for your convenience. Besides, you can add it in the file explorer directory context menu, so you can send files directly to the program.

Long Path Tool can do what other programs fail to do. Besides it has many unique advantages: it is fast an all operations including scanning, deletion, copying and renaming take only few seconds. It is easy to download and use. It has a trial version so you can try it first to make sure it is a must. It is versatile and trustworthy. This tool is very basic, no other software required. It can work even on the slowest computers and old Windows systems. On the website you can also find a short video explaining how to use it.

Many programs on the Internet promise a lot but do nothing. Long Path Tool is in constant development, its developers want to exceed list of functions even more. Whether version you use, you can get free updates and newest information. All you need to do is register you email on http://longpathtool.com/.

If you use a trial version and want to exceed its functionality, you can upgrade it to a premium version. Many other programs offer 1 year of work and after you need to pay again. Long Path Tool will provide you with a lifetime edition.

It is also possible to order the program for commercial usage. Students, pensioners and veterans get a discount with a “3% off” code.

So, give it a try and download now. Many people who used it once came back for a full version and recommended it to friends. It was made for people, to help solving everyday problems. Never get stuck with annoying error again: use Long Path Tool and pull yourself out of it.

Customer satisfaction is in priority. If you have questions, suggestions or problems please feel free to contact us at Support@LongPathTool.com. It is free for everybody and we’re at your service 24×7.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6