the filename is too long cannot delete

“The filename is too long cannot delete” fix

Although it is not recommended at all, you could delete system preserved or system locked files using the long path tool. If a system file has more than 255 characters in the destination path name, an attempt to delete the file will show an error message and the message will depict “the filename is too long cannot delete”. Moreover, a lot of error messages are linked up with a long path file name. Had it been the reason, you might use the long path tool for deleting system locked files. However, before deleting the system locked file, you must have to understand the dangers related to it. If you do not understand the function of the file or folder, deleting the system preserved file or system locked files might lead to losing all of your system data. That is why before proceeding, we expect that you know what you are deleting.

the filename is too long cannot delete

Filename Too Long for Destination Folder fix

Let us look how you can delete the system preserved or system locked files with long path name. There is no way around except using the long path tool, if you are going to delete a file with long path names. For this reason, at first, go for the download. After downloading the trial version, you need to install the software. The installation is pretty simple and you need not to worry about the compatibility as it works perfectly well with each and every version of Windows. In addition, it works great with Linux and Mac as well. That is why it does not really matter which operating system you are using currently. It has been designed in such way that it will perfectly in every platform available.

However, after installation, you need to run it as admin. After running the software as admin, you need to scroll down to the system locked or system preserved file with long path names. After reaching the file, you need to select it within the long path tool window. After selecting the file or folder, you just need to hit the “delete” button.

The “delete” button along with “copy to” and “rename” button will be found at the bottom. However, the delete button is located at the bottom left and hitting the delete button will solve your problem. Your system locked files with long path name will be long gone for good from the system. In the same way, you could be able to delete any file or folder using the long path tool. In truth, modifications of the files have never been this much easier, whether it is system preserved or not.

Tips how to use Long Path Tool

If you have problems deleting or copying files with Long Path Tool, please try steps described below.

1. Please log in Windows as admin.
2. Please run Long Path Tool as admin.
3. Ensure other applications don’t use folders/files you want to delete/copy.
4. Try to set off “read only” for all sub-folders/files you want to copy.
5. Right click on folder you want to copy, select Properties -> Security and set “Allow” permissions for your group for all items:
– Full control
– Modify
– Read & execute
– List folder contents
– Read
– Write
– Special permissions

But what is the Long Path Tool?

The Long Path Tool is a one-of-a-kind file management tool that every single person who uses a computer needs in their life. It is an invaluable piece of kit that transforms the way you use and store all of your files on your personal computer, and is amazingly, available for every operating system around, including Windows 98 and upwards, Mac, and Linux. We will work with you, using the specified help system in the license you purchase, to ensure that you can and will use Long Path Tool to the full limits of its ability, at no extra cost for you.

But really, what is it? Well I know I’ve already explained how fantastically useful and invaluable it is but to explain what it is requires a little bit more of your time. First, you can watch this brilliant YouTube video we created to explain to you how to use our wondrous software:

However, sometimes as we all know, reading is just a bit easier to comprehend.

This piece of unique software will provide you with the ability to fix the following errors and more:

  • Path too long
  • Filename too long
  • Path too deep
  • Filename is not valid
  • Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk
  • And many, many more.

Basically, any file error of nearly any kind that your computer surprises you with is fixable with our simple to use program. Now I know that you’re currently asking yourself, “Why should I choose Long Path Tool, when there are so many other programs to try?” and I won’t judge you, that’s a perfectly valid question but the answer is that I can guarantee that any other program you find won’t be as fully serviced and as wide-ranging as our Long Path Tool program. It is uniquely positioned to handle most if not all of your file errors and unlike most other competing programs, buying our exceptionally cheap license means that we will be here to help you every step of the way in the very unlikely case the easy-to-use program doesn’t fix it outright. We will ensure that your errors are gone and will work to the best of our, and our program’s, ability to fix your problems. Long Path Tool is the best program on the market right now for fixing any and all file errors.

How to Easily Solve Filename Too Long for Destination Folder

How to Easily Solve Filename Too Long for Destination Folder

If you get filename too long for destination folder error messages when you try to copy or move files, then the Long Path Tool is the simple, sleek and powerful program you need to abolish this problem permanently. When you cannot delete, copy, move, rename, and open some files in your personal computer, whether at work or at home, then the program Long Path tool cannot be recommended enough for you. The latest released version of Long Path Tool 5.1.6 is a sleek and highly powerful program where versatility meets usability to enable file management executions such as open, unlock, copy, delete and rename files to filename too long for destination folders.

So how to solve Filename Too Long for Destination Folder in 2018

Windows Explorer cannot copy, open, delete or rename file pathnames longer than 256 characters. It will return Path Too Long errors such as filename too long, path too long, too long path, filename is too long and filename too long for destination folder. You will however say good bye to all these annoying errors by downloading the latest Long Path Tool 5.1.3. The versatility of Long Path Tool is overwhelming. The program can handle incredibly long file pathnames to the maximum 32,000 characters which can be supported by a Windows OS. You don’t have to worry anymore if you have been wondering what to do to retrieve or back up important files that were returning filename too long for destination folder errors. Relax. Long Path Tool is all you need to unlock and open the problematic files and folders.

If you set out to execute a command to a file but a Path Too Long error message pops up instead of the file opening, deleting, moving or copying, don’t panic when the solution is a few clicks ahead. The Long Path Tool will solve all Path Too Long error messages that could be variously manifested as;

  • Error copying file or folder
  • Destination path too long
  • Source path too long to delete
  • Path too long: Installer unable to modify path
  • Path too long – aborting
  • Cannot delete file: Access denied
  • Error opening file
  • File cannot be copied
  • The source or destination file maybe in use
  • Error deleting file or folder
  • The filename or extension is too long
  • Could not find this item
  • Windows delete path too long
  • Filename could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename, and verify that the file location is correct
  • The path you entered is too long. Enter a shorter path.

Long Path Tool will help abolish all these and many other file management errors. The program has also been proved to solve problems with files that did not open properly. For example, if you have files that open and close instantly without returning any error message, the Long Path Tool will help open these files properly.

Filename Too Long for Destination Folder fix

Filename Too Long for Destination Folder fix

Benefits of the Long Path Tool in solving Filename Too Long for Destination Folder Errors

v  The program is compact and presented with a pleasant easy to use interface that is fathomable by all users.

v  Long Path Tool doesn’t require any special system configurations for it to launch and will run on any Windows OS including the earlier versions Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, 2003 and the latter versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

v  Long Path Tool makes for easy and trouble free file executions such as delete, copy, rename and unlock files. The LPT lists all your files in the lovely interface from where you will execute commands on the files without any fear of filename too long for destination folder errors. The LPT is able to close applications using a certain file and will also help you manage a file from a mapped network folder.

v  The LPT is speedy in execution and gives you a much deserved peace of mind when managing files.

How to Manage Files with the Long Path Tool

Say adios to all Path Too Long file management errors in a few clicks. Download the latest version Long Path Tool 5.1.3 at for any Windows OS. Create a desktop icon for the program for easy access and you are good to go.

Whenever you need to execute a file with an exceedingly long filename, just click on the icon to open the program Long Path Tool. A pretty window will immediately open with a list of all your files from where you can open, rename, copy, delete and perform any file management without the fear of filename too long for destination folder or other Path Too Long error messages.

Final Remarks

The Long Path Tool is replacing Windows Explorer and other file managing programs because of its versatility and ease of use. The Long Path Tool can be used with the earliest to the latest Windows OS without any special additions or configurations to your system. The Long Path Tool is downloadable at

More info about long filenames on wikipedia.

Filename Too Long Windows 7 Fix

Filename Too Long Windows 7 Fix

Long Path Tool is the easiest way to fix the annoying ‘File Path Too Long’ errors experienced when opening, copying, moving, renaming or deleting files. The disturbing file management errors make difficult the retrieval, backing up and other file management procedures.

filename too long fix

filename too long fix

So how to fix filename too long in 2018?

All Operating Systems have set character limits for file names. The pre-set maximum characters for a filename are usually 256 but can exceed up to 260 characters depending on the OS. These errors pop up because you are trying to save, rename, copy, move or delete a file that breaches this limit. The file path is not part of the filename when you save the file at the first time. The OS will however consider the file path as part of the file name in later execution commands. When you execute a file that sits in a folder with a very long file path that exceeds the limit, then you will get the ‘File Path Too Long’ errors.

‘Filename Too Long’ Error Messages

These file management error messages are mostly straightforward as to what is causing them. For instance, you may get either of the following error messages when you try to delete, copy, rename, unlock, move or open incredibly long files and folders.

  • Path too long,
  • Destination Path Too Long
  • Windows delete path too long
  • The specified file or folder name is too long. The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characters or less. Please type a shorter file or folder name.
  • 0  80010135 Path too long
  • Error: cannot delete file
  • File cannot be copied
  • There has been a sharing violation
  • Cannot delete file or folder: The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Specify a different name.
  • Error deleting file or folder
  • Error copying file or folder
  • The file name or extension is too long
  • The path you entered is too long. Enter a shorter path.

At times, the error messages are not manifested in a straightforward manner. When you try to open, delete or copy a file or folder, the error message can be as naïve as

  • Cannot Open
  • ‘Cannot Copy
  • File name could not be found
  • The file could not be accessed
  • File name is not valid
  • Could not find this item.

A file may also not open correctly. Such files close immediately they open without any error message. When you right click on the problematic files, they give you a restricted number of selections in the right-click menu. Windows Explorer will not execute commands on a filename exceeding 256 characters and will instead show the Path Too Long error.

The Ultimate Filename Too Long Fix

The Long Path Tool will effortlessly wipe out all these errors and limitations. It is the ultimate solution to deleting, copying, unlocking and renaming too long files and folders. The Long Path Tool sidesteps filename character limitations and will execute commands on any file lengths that can be accommodated by your OS. With the Long Path Tool program, you are able to fix all Path Too Long, Filename is Too Long, Too Long Path and Filename Too Long errors once and for all.

The Long Path Tool gives you the freedom to eradicate all file management errors and is designed in a manner that lets you work on a sleek and easy to use interface.

The Long Path Tool is Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems

To make the deal even juicier, the Long Path Tool is compatible with any Windows Operating System from the earlier versions of Windows 95, 98, Me, Windows NT, 2000, 2003, to Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The LPT is also useful in abolishing file management errors in Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.

How to Solve File Management Errors with the Long Path Tool

  • Download the Long Path Tool program online at for any Windows OS.
  • Make a Long Path Tool icon on your desktop to ensure stress-free access.
  • When you need to manage a file or folder with a long filename, just click on the LPT icon on your desktop.
  • The LPT sleek interface will open straightaway to present all your files and folders.
  • Now you can execute all commands on all files and folders without any file management errors whatsoever. Copy, delete, rename, move and open files and folders with peace of mind.

The Long Path Tool is a mighty program to solve all File Name Too Long error messages on Windows 7 and all other Windows OS. The LPT presents all your files and folders in a modest, easy to use interface that is clear for everybody. The program Long Path Tool doesn’t have any special provisions and is fast in execution. Download the Long Path Tool at to solve all your file management errors.

the filename is too long cannot delete fix

How to fix the filename is too long cannot delete?

Being an amazing tool for file management system and getting rid of error messages linked to long path name like “the filename is too long cannot delete”, long path tool costs in between $44 to $197. The price starts at $44 for home license and the business pro license being the most costly one costs $197. Here, you might think whether this software is worth the price. Here, we will also try to clarify the fact whether this software is worth enough. Let us look at first why you might need this tool. After that, we will look at the benefits and then we will try to judge the price in relation to a cost benefit ratio.

the filename is too long cannot delete

Filename Too Long for Destination Folder fix

It would happen that you might be in need of accessing into a file or folder, but you could not access the file because it has more than 255 characters in the path file name. It is a bug of the operating systems that has never been taken care of. That is why for accessing or modifying files with long path name, the users have to take help from long path tool. In this regard, long path tool has been delivering quality service since 2007. From that point, you should understand how demanding this particular software is.

It will let the user copy, delete, move, or rename the folders or files with long path name. Without the help of this particular software, it was never possible to access the files with long path name. Before the emerging of this particular software, this type of files and folders used to keep taking valuable spaces in the system, until the user went for a full hard drive format. However, as this amazing tool is available for you, there is no need to go for a format to get rid of this files and folders with long path name. In addition, would you require accessing the files and folders with long path name, long path tool helps.

In the contrast of the fact mentioned above, this software also comes up with a 30-days money back guarantee and it does mean that the developers will return the money if you remain unsatisfied with the service. In addition to delivering greater accessibility, it also ensures the preservation of the file attributes and free updates for years. Free updates are valuable as the coding has to be altered according to the file system of the operating system and we are expecting major changes in the upcoming version of the Windows. Overall, this particular software definitely is worth the price you have to spend. Google it a bit and you will find hundreds of positive customer reviews, which would have supported the facts we were discussing here.

The filename is too long cannot delete fix

To get your PC in a top-notch shape and to make it free from long path file related errors like “the filename is too long cannot delete”, long path tool could have been an enticing solution.  Compatibility of the long path tool is something to cherish. It has been designed in such way it could work even with the earlier versions of Windows 98. However, it has been delivering quality service in the file management since 2007. Its logarithm went through several changes and right now it is standing in such stature that it could work with almost any platform. Its pretty simple to use user interface also makes the working process a lot easier. However, the current edition of the long path tool is equally capable to work with Windows and Linux. In addition, it works great with Mac as well.

Here, in this document, we will enlighten the facts related to the compatibility of the long path tool. It does not matter which platform you are using, this software will search every inch of your system for files and folders with long path names. As the name suggests, the long path tool is highly capable to get rid of any error message related to the long path file name. By default, Windows will not deal with the files and folders having more than 255 characters. If a file and folder with long path name occurs, the user has to take help from the long path tool. Otherwise, it is impossible to access or get rid of that particular folder or file with long path names. The long path tool is capable of handling files and folders with path name up to 32,000 characters long.

In addition, the user interface looks all the same in every platform. Its heavy duty browsing machine also acts perfectly in every platform. Whether it is Linux, Mac or Windows, the Long Path Tool will keep performing with ultimate perfection.

In accession, the buttons for copying, renaming, moving or deleting the files and folders with long path names will be located at the bottom and the design of the user interface is same for all platforms. Moreover, the logarithm set up for modifying the files with long path name acts perfectly in each and every platform available. That is why the compatibility is not really a great deal for which you should be concerned. It acts with perfection in each platform. That is why before making the purchase, you need not to be worried about the platform you are using. It will work with superior excellence and brilliant smoothness, whatever the platform you are using.

Long Path Tool Is Safe

Is Long Path Tool Safe To Use?

Of course, it is. You can scan our program using external service VirusTotal and see they report Long Path Tool is completely safe. How does VirusTotal work? It inspect items with over 65 antivirus scanners and URL blacklisting services.

Here is latest report for site:

Long Path Tool safe

And report for program itself:

Long Path Tool is safe

Dealing With the ‘Path Too Long’ Error

Dealing With the ‘Path Too Long’ Error

Tired and frustrated of that sickening path too long” error that your computer keeps throwing at you? Well, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. The latest long path tools can help fix this problem with a simple click of the mouse. This is a typical problem that frequently occurs when the name of a file or folder exceeds 255 characters. This leads to problem copying, sharing, and deleting such files.

The only solution in most cases was to rename your file or folder with a shorter name. This could be a problem at times, because you ended up with a whole list of short, cryptic file and folder names, which made no sense to you. The advantage with long file names is that you can be specific when naming them, so you can identify them easily later. Thanks to this utility, you can now use long file names without any worries.

Features of Long Path Tool

This software tool is simple to use and can provide you with a quick and complete solution to your problems with long filenames.

  • Long path tools can be simple for most users with their clean, simple interface.
  • Comprehensive list of options.
  • Quick search to find all files and folders with long filenames on selected drive.
  • Is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, NT, and 2000.
  • Will delete locked system files.
  • Delete files with long names across mapped network drives.
  • Will provide listings of all paths and files, where the file path has exceeded 200 characters.
  • Safely shuts down applications that are using the file.
  • Will safely unload a locked process.
  • Files and folders with long names can be copied or deleted.
  • All files are safely deleted after rebooting your machine.

Types of Error Long Path Tool Can Solve

The typical errors that can be solved by this software include all the following Windows error messages.

  • You need to be sure that the disc that is being used is not write or full protected and also it is not being used anywhere else currently.
  • Check that if the access is denied to delete the file
  • The file is being used by some other program.
  • Error Deleting folder or File
  • Folder or file cannot be deleted. The specified file is either too long or not valid. You need to specify a different name for the file.
  • The source or destination file may be in use.
  • There has been a sharing violation.


Advantages of Long Path Tool

Easy to Use – This type of software is very simple to use. The options are simple to understand, and any person can use this software.

Simple Installation – All you need to do is download the file, and run the installation. There are no complicated settings to worry about.

Inexpensive – This software is available at a very low cost, and also offers you free upgrades.

With the Long Path Tool, you do not have to worry about long filenames errors ever again.

Fix for file name is more than 200 characters

Long Path Tool – a must for windows users

Long Path Tool is a tool that is used in Windows to unlock, rename or delete files. There might have been such situations where an individual have faced problems which managing files on Windows operating system. The reason behind this problem may the program which the user is trying to delete or rename is locked by some other program; it can be virus, some software or might be the program can be managed only in specific operating system. This tool is the best possible solution to all such problems that a Windows user may face. The usage of this tool is also very easy, the user just needs to install the same on his or computer then it can be used easily.

When Long Path Tool is needed?

Before decided on whether to purchase Long Path Tool, the user needs to know whether he or she really needs it or there is some other problem with his or her computer. Long Path Tool can also be used by all the Window users basis because they will need this tool at some or other point of point. If any of the following messages appear on the computer screen then in that case, the individual should purchase Long Path Tool.

  1. Path too long
  2. Error cannot read file: cannot read from source file or disk
  3. The file of destination or source might be in use
  4. Filename is not valid
  5. File cannot be accessed
  6. File name was not found. Check the filename’s spelling and then verify if the file is located in correct location.
  7. The file name could be long according to the destination folders. For this you can write a short name for the file and give it a second try. Or you can use a shorter path as well.

Features of Long Path Tool

It is very important to understand the features of Long Path Tool before purchasing the tool. Few of the important features of this tool are as follows: –

  1. The user interface is very simple and anybody can use it easily.
  2. Normally Windows cannot locate file whose file name is more than 200 characters but with the help of Long Path Tool, an individual can access files whose file name is up to 32000 characters.
  3. This tool is produced in such a way that it can be used by regular users end as well as developers. Window users can use this tool and apart from that, if developers use windows operating system then in that case, they can also use this file for the same purpose.

Long Path Tool is a very important tool and the installation of this tool is very easy. After installation of this tool, the user need not waste his or her time in dealing with error messages. Long Path Tool is continuously improving with the feedback that they are receiving from its users and hence, they are introducing the better versions at regular intervals.


“file name too long” message

How to Use Long Path Tool


It is really usual to pick up a “file name too long” message during copying, running, or deleting folders and files. It may get very annoying for the users to receive such messages regularly. If you are looking for a quick fix to this particular problem, we can certainly help. Here, in this particular article, we are going to show the methods, which can deal with this irritating problem easily, quickly and effectively.

Why Long Path Tool

If you receive error messages related to the long path name, Long Path Tool is your solution. It is well capable of handling pathnames of any length. Nevertheless, it comes up with an internal window limit of 32,000 references. Normally, Windows cannot handle file pathnames exceeding 255 cases. This tool may prove to be very handy to access files with pathnames too long. Let us recognize how we can apply this efficient tool.

How to Use Long Path Tool

At beginning, go to the browser and visit the Long Path Tool site. After downloading the tool, allow it to be installed. After getting installed, go to the long path tool program. Using Long Path Tool is very easy. Anyone with little or no knowledge about file management should be able to operate this particular tool. From the program, you will be able to access all files of your system. After reaching the folder or file showing error message, you will be able to delete the folder and your problem will be gone in a second. This effective tool can also rename a file with long pathname very fast. It is as same as before. You require to access the file at first from the long path tool. After reaching the file, you can easily be able to rename it. After renaming the folder, you will be able to access it like any other folder on your system.


However, this handy tool comes up at a very little price. It is featuring three separate bundles. It offers “Home License” for personal and non-business use. It will cost one time price of $44. In addition, there is “Business License” for commercial use. It will cost one time price of $117. If you need advanced features such as command line version, you can use “Business Pro License”. If you use this particular package, you will also be able to copy file ownership and ACLs. Moreover, this efficient tool guarantees 30 days money back if you are not satisfied.