Ways To Copy Long Path Files

It is possible to copy long path files and fix the errors related to them while transferring files in your latest operating systems. It is difficult to edit the pathname in the operating system. Path names in general consume a certain number of character size. These path names along with the filename provided by the user will take up a sum of character size that should not exceed 255. If this character size exceeds in pathname, then you will find errors such as file name too long or similar ones.

Identifying errors:

These errors will whenever you try to transfer or copy long path files from a shared destination to your personal computer’s memory. Moreover, the operating systems that display errors do not really have a solution to fix it. Each version of the operating system will support different limits on their path name size. It is necessary to find a complete tool that can help to copy files on any device irrespective of their manufacturers.

Fixing the issue:

To fix this error message and to copy long path files, you can always find third party software like long path tool to address this issue and to copy files with characters exceeding 255 size limits.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6