Use longpath tools to manage long path address files and clear memory of your hard disk

There are probably not many people who have not encountered any problem with long path names of files.Long path name files take up a lot of space on the hard disk and can make your machine slow.Your computer can hang and application softwares can have problem in running on your machine.But when you will try to delete the files you will find that the machine is not able to do so.It will show error messages saying that the system is not able to perform the intended function.

The logic

The logic behind this inability of your system is the fact that your system cannot detect files that are more than 255 characters long.Failing to recognize these files it will show up error messages.

Longpath tool

However, there is a tool available over the internet which can solve this problem and rid your machine of such files.Your machine will become faster. This tool is known as longpath tool and is a kind of file management system like windows explorer and FAR. The tool can manage all kinds of files such as long path files, system locked files and so on. Moreover, the software is available for free. Once you have installed one such tool, you can manage long path address files easily.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6