Use long path tools to copy long path files

While trying to take backup of files of user accounts in the server you may have come across some obstinate files that simply refuse to get copied. If this is not a result of viral infection then these are most likely long path files. Such files have a long addresses path and take up huge space on the disk. You can free up a lot of space and make the server or the computer fast enough for your work. However, these files will stand in the way eating up a lot of disk space and refusing to part with the hard disk.

Systemic limitation

When your system encounters such files it throws up various error messages. However, you can copy long path files with the help of long path tools which are available on the internet.

Long path tools

Download long path tool from the and install in your system. It is compatible with all windows operating systems. Once it is installed Click on the icon on the desktop. This will open up a window. This window will contain all the existing files. Choose the files to be copied and enter the command and you can copy long path files.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6