Use long path tools for long path file

Ever encountered problem in deleting, copying, renaming, removing or sharing some files in windows operating system? Could not manage the file? The file must be still there lodged in your disk. In fact there may be a horde of such files on your disk taking up a large chunk of memory. You want to delete these, have employed all known techniques, but these have simply refused to obey any of your commands. If you are thinking of formatting your disk to get rid of such files as a last measure, wait. Actually, you need not format. There is an easy way. You can manage such obstinate files with long path tools.

The reason

The reason is a systemic shortcoming. When the system encounters long file paths it cannot recognize them and throws up messages such as path is too long, access is denied, file or folder may be in use, the disk may be write protected and so on.

This is known as a long path file problem, and to manage such files windows explorer needs the help of specialized tools that can help it to recognize and manage such files. Long path tools available on the internet can help you to solve this problem quite easily.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6