Use Long Path Tools For Error Copying File Or Folder

Are you getting error messages like – error copying file or folderwhile trying to copy a file or folder in your windows explorer or FAR? If yes, do not think that yours is a peculiar problem, because this is a very common problem faced by most windows users. Files with unusual long characters in their names fall in this category. You will be hard pressed to remove these files from the hard disk as these occupy quite a large space. But every time you will try to remove such files these will throw up an error message – error copying file or folder.

The background

The reason behind these error messages is the limitation of your system to recognize file names beyond 255 characters. These nagging files somehow or the other have names that exceed 255 characters, as a result your system will not be able to recognize them.

Resolving the problem

There are programs available in the internet for free which can solve this problem. The programs are called long path tools and are compatible with any windows operating system.

These long path tools are so user friendly that even a novice can download and use these in his computer. Click on the icon on your desktop, select the file and copy without error copying file or folder.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6