Use long path tool to list long path files

Windows operating system cannot recognize files with more than 255 characters in file path names.The system will return error message every time you will try to perform commands such as delete, copy, rename or remove on such files.But you need to do away with such files because they take up huge space on the hard disk.These files can cause your machine to slow down or hang.Application softwaresmay not run smoothly on your machine because of these files.

Problems with long path files are quite regular,and it is even more troublesome in a network environment.If you are working on a server and need to take backup of huge amounts of data on the server, a list of all those files which have more than 255 characters will be very helpful.


Long Path Tool sovels this problem. Installing and running it will help you to list all those files with a large address path.


  • Such tools can perform local as well as local area network search for rogue files.
  • These applications generally save the search directory in the folder where you have saved the application itself.
  • The list itself can also be saved in the same folder.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6