Use Fileunlocker To Delete System Protected Files

Though there are different kinds of system related errors, some of the errors such as cannot delete file can be really annoying. It will pop up every time you try to delete such a file type which is locked by the operating system. A file with a long pathname will show these errors and it is hard to delete them. One of the reliable ways to delete these files is by unlocking them first using fileunlocker program. Once the tool unlocks the file, it will not show any issue when deleted or transferred to a different form.

More about the tool:

This tool is simple to use and it takes very less time to resolve different kinds of system errors. Other than unlocking a file, this program can also be used to copy long path files. The best thing about this tool is that is available for free on the web and it supports all versions of windows OS. Even a newbie will find it easy to use this fileunlocker interface and can fix errors at a greater pace.

This long path tool is constantly updated by the manufacturer and that ensures you will work and process files using fileunlocker without errors.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6