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It is common to encounter error messages such as – Could not find this item<,

While trying to copy, rename or delete files in windows explorer. In such situations you cannot perform any task on the computer no matter how many times you enter the command. The file will refuse to be renamed, copied or deleted. But rest assured it is not a mischief by some obstinate virus.

Such messages are typical of files having too long address path. The system can not trace the path if the path name is more than 255 in character and thus you get such an error message.

Long path tools

Long path tool was designed to resolve path too long issues. It will help you to interpret the file name of your system thereby helping it to recognize the file. This can put an end to your problems in renaming, unlocking, or managing files that have long path names. The tool is compatible with all windows operating systems including Windows 8.

After installing this program you will get an interface where you will find all the files listed. Perform tasks in the obstinate file on the window and it will obey your commands.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6