The source or destination file may be in use

Windows is an advanced operating system based on (Graphical User Interface) GUI feature that ensures you have minimum trouble in performing complex operations. For instance, the process of deleting files is normally realized without any problems. However, there are times during which you might come across error messages such as The source or destination file may be in use whenever you try to delete the file.

Here are some situations during which it might occur.

  • The file might be still using any other user.
  • The problem of spyware could be another reason
  • The file closed is still under use for internal operations.

Any of the above reasons might be the actual cause of the file not getting deleted. Implementing the below given steps will help you in successfully deleting the file in a successful manner.

  • Locate the file to be deleted.
  • Close the file and wait for a few minutes.
  • Delete the file again in order to get rid of it.

If the above steps are now working for you, then try using a third-party software program that will help you in resolving the problem easily. The use of Long Path Tool Unlocker program will get you best results for sure.

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