The Processor Friendly Long Path File Utility

The long path file utility is a mighty warrior which stands against the path too long issue that is been engraved by viruses, adware and malware. The functionalities of a standalone operating system would be interrupted by the malicious software programs. This is when the long path tool turns out to be handy. The software takes care of the following errors.

User friendly

Such errors would endow the users with irritation and frustration. Nevertheless the long path tool works towards clientele relief. The program identifies the infected processes and unlocks the foreign applications. This would break the relationship formed by the virus and the user program. As a result, the users could ordain with the basic system operations.

Windows friendly

The long path file utility is a powerful file handler. It is effectual and user friendly. The software confers to a simple frontend interface. It is customized to en suite with the windows platform. This makes it compatible with all the different versions of Windows Operating System. A click of the button would suffice the user with all the preliminary operations.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6