Solve the issue: too long path


Does the error too long path annoy you when you try to create, copy or delete a folder. You are one among the thousands facing the same kind of a trouble. The reason behind this issue is the restriction imposed by your operating system. If you are using a windows operating system the limitation is 255 characters. The file name along with its path must have a maximum of 255 characters. So you will be forced to have a path less than 255.


The simple solution to this problem would be to use a small file name. You can also avoid creating excess of sub folders within which your file is stored. The best solution to this problem may come in the form of the long path tool that will allow you to have unlimited number of characters in your file name including its source path. The tool not only provides you with the extra characters, it also allows you to delete a folder whose source path is too long or copy, rename a folder whose destination path is too long . So this tool ends all your worries including the error too long path and provides you the much needed freedom in naming copying or deleted a folder.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6