Resolve Filename is not valid problems with long path tools

While trying to copy files from your document library to local disk through windows explorer you may encounter the message – Filename is not valid. This will not occur with all files, but some files may be this obstinate kind and will not budge. You will not be able to copy these files no matter how many times you try to do so.

What are you going to do? You can bang your head, call a software geek or do some online research. But you do not need to do any of these because such problems are quite common.

Root of the problem

The problem lies in your system. It cannot recognize files having more than 255 characters in the destination path name. Whenever it encounters such files it throws up several kinds of messages. One of such messages is – Filename is not valid.


The best way to resolve such problem is to use long path tool. It can help your system recognize the file and thereby helps it perform tasks be that copy, delete, remove or rename.

You can get read more about Long Path Tool on LongPathTool/blog . It is compatible with all windows operating systems including windows 98 and windows 8, the latest.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6