Path Too Long Utility

Want to unlock, manage and rename files which appear to have a long filename? Long Path Tool Can help you in that

Long Path Tool can delete, unlock, copy and rename path too long files/folders.

While using the Windows Explorer, or trying to open a file with a long name or path, do you often come across with several error messages like �Path too long�, �Error: Cannot Delete File�, �Cannot Delete/rename folder�, etc?

Well, worry not, for Long Path Tool has brought in the perfect solution for these kinds of problems. The new software �Long Path Tool� is now available for download, solves all of the common problems associated with long paths or file names, that otherwise cannot be accessed, modified or deleted by the user. Long Path Tool is perfect path too long utility designed to resolve all kind of path too long errors.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6