Longfiles can be managed by long path utilities

Long files are files having more than 255 characters in their address path. It is a naming system of windows operating system whereby any file which contains more than that number of characters in its address path is termed as longfile.

Features of Longfiles

  • These files can be more descriptive.
  • You can have long extensions with such files.

The maximum number of characters allowed includes non alphanumeric characters and spaces. However, characters like forward slash, backward slash, colon, question mark, asterisk, apostrophe, greater than and more than are not counted.

Because of this property of windows, such files are not recognized by windows operating system. However, there is a tool which can make your system recognize these files. These are known as long path tools. It is available online for free.

Benefits of long path tools

The tool can

  • Delete files that have been locked by the system
  • Delete, copy, rename or remove long path files
  • Close applications that are using long path files.

Moreover, the tool is easy to handle, and anybody can handle these tools. So, download any of the long path tools available online, instal it in your machine and get rid of problems involving long paths of files.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6