Long path tools will help you counter long path name problems

Searching for the meaning of the error message – The source or destination file may be in use? It seems you are one of the victims of long path name of the files. The file that you are trying to delete, remove, rename or copy may be simply refusing to obey your command. To put it bluntly you cannot perform any task on the file.

The primary task we do in such situations is to close the file before performing the command. If you still cannot manage the file then you should be sure that the problem is caused by long path name of the file.

It is not uncommon to get these error messages, and you cannot solve the problem with any conventional method. This is because your system can not recognize files whose address path go beyond 255 characters. These are file path too long errors.

The solution

Every problem has a solution and so does this problem. You can download latest version of Long Path Tool which can fix this file path too long errors. Install it and start managing stubborn files.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6