Long Path Tools Are Your Savior To Help You Manage Long Path Files

There is a host of problems associated with managing files and folders with long path names, and you may be familiar with some of them. You may get error messaging saying cannot remove folder, path too long, cannot delete file: access denied, there is a sharing violation et al. No matter how many times you try to do away with them they will simply refuse to be removed. These files also occupy a large space on the hard disk.

Systemic limitation

What happens is that files with long characters, more than 255, are not recognized by your system, and therefore the system cannot execute any command on the file be it copy, delete, rename or remove. This is a systemic limitation.

So what you are going to do? Bang your head against the computer? Actually, there is a better way.

Long path tool

There are programs which can help the system recognize files of large size up to 32000 characters, the internal limit of windows operating system. These are known as long path tools and are available over the internet for free. You can download and install any such tool and install in your computer. After that you can manage any file without error message like cannot remove folder.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6