Long path file tools are the best tools to manage all kinds of files

The Long path file tool has been emerging as one of the best file management utilities apart from windows explorer and FAR.If you are using windows operating system there might have been occasions when you have tried to delete some files that are taking huge space on the hard disk.You might also have tried to copy the files fromthe C drive to any other location.But whatever was your pursuit you were not at all successful in either.Whether you tried to copy, delete, remove, rename or open you were unsuccessful in each attempt and could not manage the files.

The background

You will find that such files have a long address path often getting beyond 200 characters.Due to an inherent weakness your system cannot handle such files.As a result the system returns the command with an error which either says that the path is too long, the path is too deep, make sure the disk is write protected or anything else.

Long path file tool

There is Long path file tool available online which can solve your problem.These are complete file management utilities themselves and can handle long path files too.You can download any such tool from the internet and instal in your laptop or computer.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6