Know How To Copy Long Path Files

If you are looking to know how to copy long path files, do understand the reason behind those errors such as error copying file or folder. It is all based on the character size that every operating system can handle on its files. These files with long path names do not show errors until you try to copy or delete them. It is not possible to rename those files as the operating systems do not permit it. Moving files from a shared folder on your hard disk can show errors if the character limit goes over 255. This limitation can be resolved by renaming or deleting using a user friendly third party program.

Expert ways to deal with these errors:

If you are an expert in the given field of operating systems, you can go to the registry and change the attributes to rename the path. This is not an advisable method as it can lead to permanent loss of file or operating system. Moving up the file to different levels can significantly reduce the pathname size. If you are still wondering how to copy long path files, you can use long path tools to resolve these issues.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6