If you cannot delete long path files take the help of long path tools

One of the major disadvantages of long path files is that these files take up quite a large space on your hard disk.It is natural for anybody to want to delete such files so that you can free some space on the disk.But while trying to delete these files you will find that these are not getting deleted.Every time you will hit the delete button the system will return an error message.The error message can be of various types such as destination path too long: enter a shorter path;the disk is full or write protected; path too deep and so on.

This happens because your system can not recognize long path files due to an inherent property of windows operating system.However, you can manage such files with long path tools which are available online for free.

Benefits of long path tool

Such tool can

  • Delete system locked files
  • Delete long path files
  • Copy, rename, remove and unlock long path files
  • Close applications that use such files.
  • Delete files after rebooting your computer

The tool is easy to use and you do not need to be a software genius to handle it. You also do not need any special system configuration for the tool to work.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6