How to solve the problem of long path copy

Most of you face the problem of long path copy while accessing the files. This problem is very common. Now there is a solution to all the problems related to long path of the file. This solution is a long path tool. Using this tool, you can easily copy any file with long path. This tool helps you in accessing the file fast and immediate.

Normally, these errors can occur with any of the operating systems like windows 7, windows 98, vista or any other. These systems allow only 255 characters in the filename. Sometimes you are getting random messages like the file does not exist or the file is corrupted. In some of the cases, you are not able to delete the file. All these problems generally occur due to long path names. Among these issues, long path copy is major and popular one. The tool is useful in managing the large files efficiently.

The Long path tool is very simple to use. Download it from internet. You can use it anywhere and with any file name having maximum 32,000 characters. You will not face any problem relating to long path copy if you are using this tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6