How to Resolve Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk

Windows encounters this error: Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk whenever the user attempts to delete a file that is already in use by another program. Another instance during which the error is when the file has been created by using a character that is beyond the recognition of Windows capacity.


By implementing the below given simple steps, you can successfully resolve the issue.

  • Give a break of 1 minute or so and then try deleting the file again. This is because of the fact that your operating system takes some time internally to close the file completely even after you have actually closed the program.
  • Close the Explorer window to open it again after few minutes. Locate the file by its name to ensure where exactly it is. Try deleting the file again in order to get through the problem easily. This will initiate a positive result for sure.
  • Using third party software programs such as Long Path Tool Unlocker will help you in successfully avoiding such an error message as it helps in unlocking the file so that you could delete it. The laborious activity of restarting your computer all over again too could be avoided.

If implementing any of the above steps is of no use, then rebooting the computer in Safe Mode is the only solution after which you can locate the file and delete easily.

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