How to delete locked files pathtoolong


You must have come across the error cannot delete locked file pathtoolong. This is the most common error a user encounters when trying to delete a file occupying a major chunk of the hard disk space. The file may be locked so you will not be allowed to delete it. Users try deleting the sub folders one by one. Most of the sub folders can be easily deleted while user may encounter the same error while deleting some folders. The simple reason being the folder will be a locked one.

Apt solution:

The access is denied to the user in such unlocked files. Thus he is unable to delete it and at times even move it to another location. In some cases the folder can be deleted using the command prompt while in most cases this doesn’t work. The apt solution is the long path tool which enables you to unlock these locked files. Once you have unlocked these files you can gain full access to the files and folders. Gaining full access to the file will allow renaming the file, copy or moving it to another destination and even delete the folder without getting the delete locked file pathtoolong errors.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6