How To Deal With The Long file name error

Are you having difficulties in copying or transferring your important files to your disk because of long file name error? If your answer is yes, then your ultimate option is to find and download long path tool. This tool is free to download and has already got positive scores from users in handling these pathname errors.

Different ways to fix the issue:

Though you can find a number of solutions available in different support forums, it is important to ensure how reliable they are. You cannot try and trust every solution that is provided in the web. Few may provide results and few may result in issues resulting in losing your important files. With a reliable tool like long path tool, you can encounter long file name error in a more efficient way.

This tool helps to delete or rename the long pathnames which cannot be done using regular procedures. This inability of your explorer to copy those long path names are due to the limitation in the character size. These errors cannot be fixed manually and it requires a special tool like a long path tool. This tool works well on different platforms or versions to deal with the long file name error.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6