Helping Users With The Long Path Utility

The long path file utility is highly efficient and dependable. The program has an enhanced ability by which the user or system files could be locked or unlocked. The most common error witnessed by the regular computer users would be Cannot Delete File: Access is Denied.

The basic change

The windows operating system has a minimal field size of 255 characters. This will en route towards the Filename or Extension too long problem. The Long path file utility will change the internally allocated field size. The software would change the default file name space to a size of 32000.

The common features

Some of the quick facts that describe the Long path file utility program would comprise of the following conveniences.

  • A trouble free interface with straight forward options.

  • A standalone program which depicts of end user compatibility.

  • Unlocking the virus attacked files and folders.

  • Copying and deleting the required content.

  • Mapping network folders and files.

  • Omitting the files with an invalid name specification.

The Long path tool comes as a trial pack. The software package could be downloaded from the internet. The trial version would bequeath the user with all the crucial operations. Nevertheless the package will expiry within a discreet period of time.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6