For Sharing Violation Error Messages Long Path Tools Come Handy

There has been a sharing violation – error message coming on your screen? If you are trying to delete some file and each time you are hitting the delete button you are countering the same nagging error, then stop. This will not get deleted until you adopt some other measure. This is not a temporary problem and no amount of restarting your machine will solve the problem.

Why this happens

This happens because the file name is too long and your system can not recognize it. Actually, your system or any system cannot recognize names beyond 255 characters.

What is the solution

You have to run a program that can help your system recognize characters beyond 255 in number. For this you have to download a long path tool program that can help the system recognize characters up to 32000, the internal limit of windows.

Where to get

Long path tools are available online, download any of these tools and run on your computer. After it is installed open the icon and it will open up a window. The window will list all the files. Click on the file that was not opening or getting deleted, and it will work like magic. Long path tool programs work with all windows operating systems.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6