For Path Too Deep Problems Use Long Path Tool For The Internet

Your computer simply refuses to delete, rename or unlock a file no matter how many times you have tried to. You can get several error messages while trying to perform the task. One such error message can be path too deep, file cannot be renamed. You cannot manage the file even you are a software geek. You need a program that can unlock such files.

The underlying reason

Your system does not recognize files that are more than 255 characters long. So your system is unable to manage any file that has a long file name. However, you can manage such files also if you have the right tool with you.

Long path tool

The Long path tool is the program that you need to manage such files. It is a program that is able to manage files longer than 255 characters. However, it can handle names up to 32000, the internal limit of windows.

Where to get

You can download long path tool utility from the internet and run on your computer. The tool is compatible with all versions of operating systems. Once it gets installed in your computer you can get rid of the path too deep error message and can manage obstinate files.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6