For long file path problems use long path tools

Files with long address path take up a lot of space on your disk, are not able to be reached with various softwares and can cause your computer to hang frequently. You may have come across such files and are thinking of getting rid of them. But every time you are trying to delete the files you are getting error messages saying – path name too long: enter a shorter path name; path too deep; file or folder is in use by another program, and so on.

Reason behind

If you are searching for the reason then the answer is that such files have a long address path and are categorized as longfile by windows, and as a result your system can not recognize them. Being not able to recognize the file the system throws up error messages.

The solution

The solution lies in making your system recognize the files and for that you can use long path tool. It is available for free and can be used with both windows explorer and FAR.

The operation

Download and install the tool and open the icon by clicking on the shortcut. A window will open up and it will list all the long path files  along with other files. Try deleting now and it will get deleted.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6