Fix the error: Source path too long in windows 7

Have you ever tried to delete a folder and encountered the error source path too long windows 7? If your answer is yes, then you must be wondering how to resolve it. But don’t panic there are hundreds of other users facing the same problem.


Another interesting point to be noted is you will be able to delete all the files inside the folder but not the folder. You will get a message saying there are files in the folder that cannot be deleted. You should now check out for the hidden files in the folder and remove them. If your problem is still not solved check the format of the drive in which you have stored the file. By clicking on the properties you will get to know, if it is NTFS or FAT32. The NTFS is more reliable and secure.


If you are still not able to delete the folder, then you can try the long path tool that can resolve your issue. The long path tool provides you with complete access to the corresponding file or folder. Once you have installed it on your system, you will end up performing your task without the message source path too long windows 7

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6