Fix file path too deep problems with long path tools

Getting error messages like – file path too deep – while trying to delete, copy, rename or move files on your computer is not unusual. In fact you may also have come across such error messages if you are using computers for some time. At first it will not strike you that it is a common problem. You are most likely to take it as one of those problems caused by a virus when you will fail to manage the file after repeated attempts. However, not even the best and the most updated antivirus can help you manage the file. This is because the root of the problem is a systemic shortcoming, not a viral infection. The source of the problem is the long address path of the file.

Logic behind the erratic behavior

No system is able to recognize files containing more than 255 characters. This is known as file path too deep error.

The solution

The best program to fix these type of errors available online is the long path tool. You can manage such files with these programs. However, the file name should have less than 32000 characters because that is the internal limit of windows.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6