Error: The Filename Or Extension Is Too Long Solution: Long Path Tool

If you are getting error messages like – The filename or extension is too long then looking for solution on the internet. You cannot manage the file no matter how many times you hit the delete button. The machine will again and again throw up the same error message and the file will simply refuse to be removed, deleted or renamed.

This happens because of the fact that your system is unable to recognize files beyond 255 characters. This is an inherent limitation of your system, and you have to override this limitation to perform commands on the file.

Overriding the problem

To overcome this limitation you need a program that can interpret the file name for your system. To this effect there are a number of programs available on the internet which are known as long path tools. These long path tools can help your system to recognize file names up to 32000 characters which is the internal limit of windows.

Where to get

These long path tools are available for free on the internet, and you can download and install these on your computer. After installing you have to click on the icon on the desktop, a window will appear which will list all the files. Click on the specific file and perform commands on it.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6