Error: The file could not be accessed, Solution: Long path tool

In trying to open, copy, rename or remove Microsoft office files in windows explorer you may encounter the message – The file could not be accessed. You will not be able to perform any task on the file as it will again and again throw up the same message. But do not think that this is some out of the world problem. Actually such problems occur quite regularly to windows users. These are known as path too long errors.

Such problems result from a shortcoming in your system because of which it fails to recognize files with the destination path longer than the limit of 255 characters.

Long path tool( LPT )

However, you can resolve these problems with long path tool. LPT will help your system to recognize files with long path names within the internal windows limit of 32000.

Installation is pretty easy, just download zip file, unzip it and run exe file or create shortcut for it. Once it is installed you have to open the icon on your desktop. It will open up a window which will show all the files. Perform any task on the obstinate file and it will respond readily.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6