Error Handling With The Long Path Tool

The long path file tool is of great help when the path is too deep. The Windows operating system has a predefined path length of 256 characters. When the file or folder encompasses of a destination span that surpasses the default specification, the file handler would dictate an error. Namely the Error 1320: The specified path is too long would pop up. The novel software works to resolve the above scenario. It modifies the internal path length. The long path utility would increase the path size to nearly 32000. This would restrain any kind of path length errors.

The other factor

Apart from the preceding benefit, the long path tool recovers the system from errors like, Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk. The software enacts to be a potent file manager. It takes up the Operating system’s task and completes the user’s request. The long path file tool is compatible with all the Window’s Operating Systems. It endows with the processes of copy, cut, paste and delete in a hassle free manner.

The long path utility does not take up a large amount of disk space. Nevertheless it resolves the problems en ruled by the complex system programs.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6