Error: Destination Path Too Long, Solution: Long path tools

Destination Path Too Long this error message flashes on your screen, am I not right? Okay, this is no strange problem, as it is encountered by many while operating windows operating system. If you are trying to delete, copy, rename or remove a file and the error message is flashing again and again, it really is frustrating. But, you cannot manage the file even you spend the whole day. The machine will throw up the same error message again and again.

The root of the problem is a limitation of your system which is unable to recognize files having more than 255 characters in its name. However, you can override this drawback and manage such files.

Overriding the limitation

To manage the limitation you will need a program that can help you to override this systemic incapability. Here comes Long Path Tool. The tool can interpret the file names for your system, albeit up to 32000 characters, the internal limit of windows.

How to use Long Path Tool

Download this tool and install. After installing, click on the icon on the desktop, a window will appear listing all the files. Click on the specific file and perform commands on it.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6