Download Long Path Tool If You Can Not Delete Files

During the course of working on your computer you may need to or try to clean up your desktop or your C drive. To do that you will need to delete files and folders. However, there are some obstinate ones that will simply refuse to get deleted. Your repeated efforts to delete the file will throw up that irritating message – File name is too long to delete.

It is not a virus

The common mistake can be to take it as a viral infection of your computer. But even the deepest scan with the best antivirus will not be able to rectify the problem. This is because the problem is caused due to the unusually long name of the file, and not by some virus.

The reason

Your system is designed in a way that it cannot recognize names longer than 255 characters. When the file name appears to be more than this your system will throw up the error message saying File name is too long to delete<.

However, you can obviously get rid of this problem with a simple utility known as the longest path tool utility. Download some long path tool from the internet and install on your machine to tide over this problem.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6