Do you have Path Too Long error?

Path too long is a problem that is generally caused in windows. This problem generally occurs when the path is too long. The standard path size that any window can find is 160 characters. If the path name exceeds more than 160 characters then in that case, error message appears on the screen. One best solution to remove the Path too long problem is to shorten the path name by removing the last few folders name from the path.

Errors messages for Path too long

There are certain error messages that appear on the screen when the path is too long. Few of such error messages are as follows: –

  • Path too long.
  • Error is unable to delete the file: Cannot be read from the source disk or file
  • Not possible to delete file : Access is denied
  • The file is being used by other user or program
  • Destination Path too long

Such error messages, generally, tends to appear on the screen when the user is trying to move, rename or delete some file or folder. Even after multiple trials such a problem tends to occur repeatedly. Path too long problem occurs due to virus. This problem occurs because the viruses tend to lock the file.

Solution to Path too long

There is Long Path Tool available in the market. It helps an individual to eliminate such problems from Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. With the help of this tool, an individual can solve the inability of deleting, removing, copy, paste and rename issues. Long Path Tool is such that it doesn�t harm or affect the running program, it locks the running program and it acts against the viruses and other malware functions that are locking few files from delete, rename or copy action.

Path too long is a very serious problem that is been faced by many of the computer users and software developers. Long Path Tool is very helpful in overcoming various programs. Long Path Tool tool is simple to use, it also deletes the system long files, it deletes system locked files in the mapped network and it helps an individual to find Path of files which is of more than 200 characters. Path too long is used by developers as well as Windows users. Long Path Tool is the best suited tool for path too long problem that may interrupt the whole fun of using Windows.

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