Delete long path name files with long path tools

You may have just come across a file with long path name, and you cannot manage it. If it is so, there is a remedy for it. When we will try to delete a file or folder that has a long path name the same message of error deleting file or folder will be displayed every time. You can not delete the file this way. In fact there is no way you can delete the file without taking some outside help. Your system, in its present capacity, cannot handle such files. But rest assured, windows explorer can manage these obstinate files too with the help of various tools.

The system cannot recognize files that have more than 255 characters in the path name. This is a limitation of your system. But you can make your system recognize the file name with the help Long Path Tool 5.7.

How do these tools work

The tool is a program that helps your windows explorer in performing tasks on the file, such as delete, copy, remove and so on. Simply download the long path tool from and install on your machine. Open the tool and you can see your files in it. There you can try to delete the file. It will get deleted.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6