Get through the error Cannot delete file: Access is denied

Deleting locked files must have been a painful episode for you on an overall. The implementation of certain steps will help you in successfully resolving the issue and avoid errors such as Cannot delete file: Access is denied in a perfect way.

Some of the precautions have been given below so that you could easily avoid the problem.

  1. Ensure that the disk under use is write-protected. Also, the file should not be used currently by any other user.

  2. Locate the exact user or users who will be using the program currently. You can even make an attempt to know the exact reason why the file has been locked.

  3. Spyware could be one reason that why the file has been locked even after no other user has been found using the file.

  4. Right-click on the file to find out those users or processes that have been using the file concurrently.

  5. You need to find a software to unlock like long path tool unlocker that might be able to solve the problem.

If the above steps are unworthy, then login as administrator. Right-click on the file and then go to Properties > Security > Full Control > Ok. Select the file to be delete.

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