How to easily manage long path files and folders

How to easily manage long path files and folders

In the information age we are living in today computers are very important. Through computers, we are able to make our life easier and even businesses are easy to run. However there are times when it gets very hard to work with them especially when you are not able to make changes, delete or copy files from one folder to the other. In most cases, folders and files with long path name bring about this problem.
Ways of knowing that you are uncounted with long path name issue
If you are new with computers you will not identify directly what is the problem with your machine. This is because many people know how to use machines, but very few know how to diagnose a problem when uncounted by one. There are a few who are well versed with computer application problems, but a good majority will have to consult an IT expert. To know when a long path faces you is not difficult because the error message gives a hint why the file cannot be worked on. Some of the common error messages you receive are:
• Filename is not valid,
• cannot remove folder,
• Path too long for installer to modify path,
• Path too long – aborting (error code 80/1)
• WinRAR total path plus its filename must not be exceeded,
• the file name(s) is very long than the destination folder. Shorten the file, name, then try again, or try a different location with a shorter path,
• the system unable to find the path specified there is a WinRAR error,
• this item could not be found,
• the path selected is too deep,
• destination Path Too Long.
The above-listed error messages and many more are just but an indication that you are faced with a long path name folder or file.
What are the functions that window will not do on long path names folders and files?
You might have experienced this problem or maybe you have not. This problem is mostly encountered when you are trying to:
• Delete folders or files,
• Copy folders or files and
• Rename files and folders that have a long path name

This problem mainly occurs because window cannot work on folders and files that have a path name longer than 256 characters. To go past this, you will require a tool known as long path tool.

With the long path tool, you will be able to work on all files no matter their path name length. It has the capacity to copy, rename or even delete files and folders with path names as long as 2,000 characters. Apart from just renaming, copying and deleting you will also be able to:
• Close applications that use the file,
• Delete files that are locked by the system,
• Delete files that are from mapped network folders
Long path tool is an important tool to have in your machine. It is easy to download and it does not require any special system requirements. It can work on all windows machine regardless of the version. Just download and create an icon on the desktop. When you click on the icon all your files and folders will be listed on one window and you will be able to work on them as you please. It has a user-friendly interface that everyone can be able to work with.

“path too long”, “cannot delete file: access denied; cannot read from source file or disk”,” error deleting file or folder”

Long path tool software is the software you have been looking for! You might not have heard about it but you definitely will look for it after getting to know what it offers. Long tool path is file managing software used to manage files and folders that appear to have issues when renaming, editing or deleting due to a long file name. You probably have seen error messages such as “path too long”, “cannot delete file: access denied; cannot read from source file or disk”, ”error deleting file or folder”, “the file is in use by another r program” just to mention a few. This kind of error messages tend to be persistent and can be really annoying. Now you can avoid this error message by visiting website and downloading the free trial software. The software is compatible with all versions of windows and should work just fine on any pc.
The long path tool software is user friendly and comes with a variety of functions. First, it will pretty much solve all your long path issues. All of which include deleting, copying, and renaming of long path files. Other functionalities include deleting system locked files, deleting files from mapped networked folders, listing file paths with more than 200 characters long, closing applications that are in use of the file, unloading locking process, and also deletion after reboot. The program was made to address the issue of deleting, renaming, unlocking, copying, and also renaming files that have more than 255 characters.
Installation process is nothing complicated. All you need to do is download the long path tool software and run it. Creating a desktop icon makes it easier to use the program. It requires the user to open the program and it instantly directs to a window where you can access all your files. You can then edit your files from here without worrying about any error messages. Long path tool also comes with the functionality to unlock files that are locked by other system process! It can even scan your computers drives for path too long files and folders. The simplicity of the software makes it ideal for use in both a work and personal computer environment. Do not buy software with the same capabilities as long path tool for so much money yet they come with the same or less functionality. Grab your free trial today while the free trial offer still stands.
Long path tool is also highly reviewed by most of its users and they recommend it to their friends for its ease of use and cost free advantage. It does not require special technical skills to operate and is not heavy software that will eat up most of your ram while running. You can now avoid those error messages that were so annoying which you could not do anything about. You need not worry about files and folders that previously gave you a headache because you could not edit nor save them! Just visit the long path tool website and grab your free trial today.

Amazing advantages of using Long Path Tool

Amazing advantages of using Long Path Tool

There are times when computer users encounter problems in renaming, deleting or even modifying files. This problem is generally brought about the length of the path names of these files. Generally windows will have a problem in copying, deleting or even renaming files that have a path name of more than 256 characters. If you have such problems long Path tool will come to your aid.
How will you know you are encountering a long path name error?
It is not difficult to know that you have this challenge because you will see error messages that will be hinting to you that the file you are working on has a long path name. The error messages you will encounter will be like;
• Destination path too long
• Sabnzbd path too long
• Powershell path too long
• Cannot remove folder
File cannot be copied
• Path too deep.
• Path too long
These are just but a few errors that you computer will display once you try to delete rename or even copy files that have long path names. This should not worry you because you can download and use the long path tool to execute different commands to files no matter the length of their path names.
Advantages of using long path tool
• It has an easy to use concept while at the same time providing an interface that is not only simple and nice but contain solid amounts of options.
• It has the ability to scan long path files and folders at high speed.
• It is a tool that has no special system requirements because it can work on any window version like: 98, / NT / 2003 /2000/ Vista / Me Windows 7 / Windows Server 2000 / Windows Server 2008/ Windows 95/ Windows 8/XP /Windows Server 2003
• It is capable of deleting files and folders that have a long path names,
• It is easy to copy long path files using long path tool,
• It can easily list path files with more than 200 characters in length,
• This tool can also delete files from mapped network folders,
• Long path tool has the ability to delete files that are system locked,
• It can also delete files after rebooting,
• It can easily unload the locking process.
With the long path tool, all the above problems will be eliminated. It is not difficult to use this tool thanks to its easy to use and friendly interface.
How do download and user the long path tool
To set up this tool on your computer, you will be required to download long path tool 4.8.3. After downloading create an icon for long path tool on your desktop for quick access and you are good to go.

When you want to use you long path tool you will only be required to click on the long path tool icon and you will be directed to a window that contains all your files. From here you will be able to move, delete rename and even modify your files, as you want without getting annoying error messages. This tool accesses you files easily and it easy to use.

path too long,file name too long and file name is too long

How many times did you come across error messages like path too long,file name too long and file name is too long while you try to save, edit or rename a file. Frustrating isn’t it? In this busy world do we have time to actually sit and browse ways to get rid of such an error. Lets say we found a way to resolve this error but how many do we implement these resolution tips? We’ll go ahead and start all over again. Time consumed and we lost our significant amount of energy in simply dealing with the “Too Long” error.

Well our silent prayers have been answered in the form of a tool name LPT i.e. Long Path Tool. As the name suggested this tool deals with error associated with long path. Error messages path too long, file name too long and file name is too long will stop scaring you and you’ll be able to focus our precious energy in tasks which really matter.

This tool works on all windows operating systems. Download this tool and go through installation steps are pretty easy and self explanatory. Place its icon preferably on desktop for convenient use and voila! You are good to go. Anytime you are stuck with these error messages while opening, moving or deleting files, launch this tool. It has a straightforward user interface and you will not have any difficulty using this tool. It will take care of such files and you will go back to your hassle free work where you can worry only about tasks which will actually be worth the trouble.

Lets try and talk a little technical. When we are handling files whose path name has more than 255 characters, we come across these error messages and these error messages make our life a little difficult. Anyway with this tool this limit is changed to is internal limit of 32000 characters. I do not know whether you are amazed by this change in limit but I surely am.

As if this much wasn’t enough, you are also entitled to receive free updates and free support. Easy to install, this software comes with several other advantages. It does not need one to be tech-savvy to be able to work with this software. It helps with otherwise hard to manage, file management and we all are aware of importance of files available on our machine. So if we get a free, error-free, fast and efficient tool which does not need a technical degree and aids us in getting far away from these cumbersome error messages, then I think it should be grabbed with both the hands. Install immediately and explore the world of easy file management. Already mentioned benefits are just the ones reported by existing happy users. Install it and see for yourself how easy a life can be if there was someone to take care of your files for you and help you get rid of error messages mentioning long file name, long path name or source does not exist.

No more long filename

Long Path Tool is an effective tool that can help in dealing with problems like unlocking, deleting, renaming and copying files. The tool will necessarily help in ending all above mentioned problems that generally appears to have long filename.

What is the tool all about?

There are many instances when any user experiences problem in managing, accessing or renaming files that comes with more than 255 characters. This particular utility is designed to answer such particular scenarios. If an user comes across issues like error messages when the path is too long, destination path too long, too long path or many other related complicacies this particular tool can help immensely.

What are the other features of this tool?

The Long Path Tool is an effective tool that can be useful for all situations where you find error messages. There are cases when message pops up during sharing violation, file name is not valid, cannot delete any file or folder, file managing errors and many such errors that are encountered in computer use.

The Long Path Tool is basically developed to eradicate all such managing problems as well as helps in providing sleek interface that can be easy to work on. So no more error massages like filename is too long, problem while deleting file or related to long filename path will haunt you. The program can handle names to a limit of around 32,000 characters.

How to use the tool?

The tool is quiet easy to use. The user needs to download the program online and install it as per the guidelines. The tool is quite compatible with Windows operating systems like 95,98, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and many more. You can create a shortcut on your desktop and easily access it anytime. Every time you want to manage the files all you need to do is click the shortcut or icon on your desktop to manage the file accordingly. Using the tool you can delete, rename, open as well as move files instantly without any issues related to error messages.

The Long Path Tool accesses all your files as well as folders instantly. The tool comes with simple as well as convenient interface that can be used by anyone. The tool requires no special system features to set up or install. Everything related to the tool is done easily and in a quick manner.


There are many issues or error messages encountered by any user while managing files when the file is too long and many more other problems, this particular tool helps in managing everything systematically as well as in an efficient manner.  It is a tool that takes care of all your error messages quite effectively and is worth a use. The tool can unlock files that are locked by system process, scan drives for path and many more. The tool comes with free updates as well as free support that come with the trail version of this tool.

What is long path tool software?

What is long path tool software?

Long path tool software is modern software which is used to solve problems related to file error, file rename. It is an essential tool which is considered as crying needs for every operating system that have appeared a long file name. It is very popular and reliable software for managing the file. It can be used for solving the file error solution like, rename file, cannot delete, sharing violation, finding the path etc. Basically that software was used for getting rid of the error problems. The tool software is very user friendly software. By that software you can stay tension free from various kinds of file errors. The 4 basic solutions of those tools are file moving error, file copying error, file renaming error and file deleting error.

Uses of Long Path tool software

The long path tool software is used more for user friendly operating system. Generally the file name allows 255 characters, so the user faces the file managing problems. That software helps your life to lead easier.

Why you Use Long Path software

You should use that excellent software for best result and getting rid of all kind of file managing and error problems. That software provides better service ever than other related software. The advantages of the long path tool software are:

: This software mentions you in shorter time and managing the problem perfectly.

: You can unlock the lock file easily by this software.

: It is very easy to use and install.

: This software is comparatively lower cost than its services.

: You can solve the error message problems and file blocked, delete problems.

: By using this software you can solve the major problems of file.

There are also hundreds of facilities you can get from this software.

How can you manage the software?

The managing of Long path tool software is very easy. The clients who feel the demand of this software can collect this software by sharing or downloading. After collecting the software you have to set the initial settings on your PC. IN primary you can get the trial version. The long path website can be a source for downloading. After long path tool software managing you have to save it safely.

What do you think about the Long Path tool software?

After knowing details about this software, you are already aware of the advantages of it.  If, you are facing any filing problem this software can be used ever best.  I think that any alternatives of it cannot give as same service as long path tool software.


Path name too long 0x80010135

Long path tool is a software used to rename or delete the respective file which shows Path too long, file name or extension is too long. Installing and usage of this tool is very much user friendly. If an user find himself in a situation in which a file he/she needs to delete may not be deleted by showing that the file is locked by some other program then LONG PATH TOOL is a boon for them. Most of the users are being benefited by downloading this tool. It is one of the smart ways of advanced file management system. The latest version of Windows Explorer too fails to handle files with long names or long path. This tool is a wonder which can rename, delete, copy and perform many such operations on files related to ‘destination path too long’, ‘cannot delete files’. Long Path Tool solves the below listed problems:

  1. Path name too long 0x80010135
  2. Aborting as the path name is too long or the error code 80/1.
  3. Cannot delete file or folder
  4. Unable to read from source file, file cannot be copied
  5. Unable to delete file as access has been denied
  6. Unable to share as there is a sharing violation.

Using the Long Path Tool:

Program provides you with an added advantage since it is compatible with oldest Windows 95 version to latest Windows Vista or Windows XP version. All you need to do when you need to deal with lengthy name is initially download this tool from official web site for this tool, to your system or laptop. After downloading extract from the zip file and in the desktop place an icon for this tool. Click on the icon and instantly you will be directed to a window which will present all files. Select the file which needs to be deleted, copied, moved or renamed and sit back to see the wonder of this tool. Even the path of the file you want to manage is unknown you can drag and drop it.


This tool has free trial version and Premium version. Trial version is like starter for the beginners since its function is limited only. You can upgrade to Premium version at any time since the functions are amazing as listed below:

  • Moving or deleting files located in long set of subfolders.
  • Deleting, renaming, moving and copying long name files instantly which can
  • Works with folders and paths too.
  • Files which are locked by Explorer or due to Program can also be closed.
  • Managing hidden files can also be done by making it visible.

One of the important features of this tool is that scheduling of file deletion can be done very easily. Yes even you can schedule the file which needs to be deleted to be done at the time of reboot also. In simple it is all in one solution for those who are waiting for things to happen within their reach since it works with almost all Windows versions.


‘path too long’ errors

Long Path Tool

If you are one of those who are tired of ‘path too long’ errors, Long Path Tool is the perfect option for you. Windows Explorer denies copying, renaming and deleting a file with pathname with length more than 256 characters and returns an error of Path Too Long. The Long Path Tool is specially designed to handle long pathnames up to the maximum Windows limit of 32,000 characters. It proves useful in cases you find issues unlocking, deleting, copying and renaming those files that your system considers to be too long filename.

Long Path Tool is a program specially developed to provide assistance in scenario where accessing, manipulating and managing the files becomes difficult due to their long filenames or pathnames. At some point or the other, everybody comes across error messages like too long path, path too long, cannot delete file, destination path too long and others. This software is for those people who want to get rid of such issues when working on their Windows system. The program works with any version of the Operating System and replaces the built in Windows Explorer or Far Manager to offer you a better experience while managing your files.

The small, sleek, compact software is designed to be easy to use with a simple interface and a wide variety of useful options. It is also very easy to download and install. The Long Path Tool works with all the versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000 to 2012 and any other Windows Operating System. Simply download the software and install it on your system to stay away from a lot of file management issues. Every time you come across a file with long filenames, you just have to access the program and it will quickly open a window with all your files. Here, you can easily open, delete, move or rename your files without worrying for any error messages or failures. Featuring a simple and comprehensive interface, the program gives you a quick access to all your folders and files. Moreover, it has no special system requirements to install and set up and lets you get started instantly.

The Long Path Tool not only works in ‘Filename too long’ situations, but also when you get error messages like ‘there has been a sharing violation’, ‘cannot read from source file’, ‘cannot delete file’, ‘filename you specified is not valid’ and other problems related to file management which you face in daily computing life. It offers high speed file manipulations while getting through any issues to enhance your experience dealing with your system file operations. It offers a permanent solution to effective management of your files and folders. Forget about the long filename errors for now and ever with Long Path Tool!


a very long or a very deep path

Long path tool

You often get into trouble with the redundant files left by the deleted or any unwanted program. There may be files that have a very long or a very deep path and in order to copy or delete them, you have to hover through so many folders to get your required file and perform your certain operation on it. Many a times, you get the error saying your desired file is in operation by another program or user. For all such problems, a one stop solution now provides you a relief that is unprecedented and unmatched with any other program. We provide you with our exclusive software, long path tool. Now, no need to worry about the remaining files from a deleted program or a spyware or adware because when long path tool is here, it will automatically delete all the files from your computer, keeping your computer safe and clear from all these sort of unwanted files.

Now, it doesn’t matter that the path of your required file is too long or too deep. The long path tool shall delete or copy the file regardless of its path. The ability and significance of our long path tool is un-parallel. You can fix all sort of file-related errors through this software. Even if your disk is copyright protected and an error pops out saying that file is in use or you cannot perform any specific operation to a write-protected file, then all you need to do is use the long path tool. It will fix the error and enable you to perform your desired operation on any file in the write-protected drive. Sometimes, it may happen that because of any spyware or malware, the system restricts you to delete, copy, rename or even access some files from any drive or even from the mapped network folders. In such a case, no need to worry or panic. Since, long path tool is here, it will handle all your jobs and will simplify your life. Providing you with a relief from the tension of losing a very important file, the long path tool may emerge to you as a life-saving tool and may save you in hectic situations.

The long path tool is developed in order to get you rid of all the managing problems and provide you with a very smooth interface which is user-friendly and capable to resolve a lot of problems and errors. Just install this magical tool in your system and say goodbye to all the error messages regarding file usage such as filename too long, or file path too long. Now, it is the task of the long path tool to help you in handling the file businesses and resolve all your issues. Now, performing file operations made easy and quick and without any flaw. Now, you can rename, copy, delete or move your files instantly without any worry of error messages through the easy to understand and easy to use smooth interface of long path tool.