How do you use the Long Path Tool


Long Path Tool can be very useful when you are having issues with unlocking, deleting, copying as well as renaming data files which have been considered as filename too long by your computer.
It is free software for transferring, copying and also removing data files together with folders with long paths, which is paths much longer compared to what your windows API can deal with.  The tool can handle paths with many characters.
Long Path Tool Fixer also offers you with a basic list of data files and folders in the current directory. You are able to drag and also drop data files or even folders onto it and it will certainly navigate straight to path of whatever you decide to drop.
How do you use the Long Path Tool – With LPT software, you can create a shortcut icon on your desktop for easy access. Each time you will want to manage data files which have a long filename, all you have to do is to click on the desktop icon which will immediately direct you to the window that provides all of the data files. After that, you simply click on the file or folder you want to move, copy or remove, by clicking the appropriate button. There is also a drop-down menu at the top with all of the available drives. LPT is suitable for any windows operating system.
This program actually accesses your current data files and also folders quickly and even has a simple and a convenient interface that anyone will make anyone to use it. It does not require special device requirements for setting it up and everything is done quickly and also simple.
Since there have been many instances that users encounter issues in managing data files which are lengthy , the need to develop a more systematic as well as efficient file managing software has finally become a priority. The Tool is definitely which is a must-have program will take care of error messages just like path too long, and filename is too long. It will also unlock data files which are locked by other system functions and will even scan your drives for path too long data files longer than 255 characters and many more.
Exactly what many users want are the no cost updates that they receive as well as the risk-free support even for the free trial version that you could work with. You are able to receive email updates as well as news about the latest applications that will help you in managing those data files.
Many enjoy the way that the software is simple to download and also easy to install on your PC. It can compatible with most operating systems and can easily be used even by someone who is not as technically inclined. Since there is a downloadable free version of the software, many have tried and were impressed by the usefulness as well as the efficiency of the software and have recommended it to their friends.
This software is definitely a useful program to get around, especially when you want a lasting solution to managing your own data files effectively. In the event that any kind of error messages should arise in saving, removing and downloading files in the future, this software will definitely save the day.
Forget about long filename errors forever with the software. People who get destination path too long error message, handle large data files as well as download mostly through the web would certainly find this software program very helpful and also really convenient in simplifying file organization and file error messages resolution. The Tool is a fast and well-organized yet easy software that anyone can work with at all times.

Long Path Tool: The much-needed solution

Long Path Tool: The much-needed solution

‘The path too long’, ‘The address you provided cannot be reached’ and ‘invalid command’ are some of the errors that are given by every computer. Most of the general public has no idea what to do with this and just leave the work be. We face difficulties while deleting and launching programs which results in problems and issues with the system. Now we have the perfect solution to the problem. Long Path Tool is one software that is designed to cater to these very problems. Its database is simply put and easy to use and is helpful for every person whether they are computer experts or not.

All of our search, deletion, copying and managing problems can now be solved with Long Path Tool. Windows cannot delete or edit pathnames more than 256 characters long. It is one of the drawbacks of Microsoft explorer. However, Long Path Tool is much more efficient than that. It can easily work with pathnames that are 32,000 characters long and fix all of our problems the same way. The files are under our command and easily managed through this.

Some of its special features are that it is easy to use or in other words extremely user-friendly. It has quite a number of options to use and while its design is still small and compact. It works with amazing speed to recover, remove and rename documents for you and is compatible to be used with all operating systems whether they are Windows, Linux or some other. Another admirable feature of it is the deletion of locked programs and files and even files that are from mapped network systems. It has a very advances search option and can find files however long the path may be.

This program simplifies and deals with all of your problems and has been designed with the sole purpose to counter paths that are more than the Windows capacity of 256 characters. It is made to be of utmost help to you while designed with a unique and speedy interface. You can easily get started with this tool. All you have to do is download it on your system and launch it. Next thing you know, all your system related problems that were difficult for you to handle and get rid of, are solved.

So then what are you waiting for? Just download the tool and get started with all that you need to do without hurdles and interference. No file of yours will now be lost. Whether they are hidden folders or long addresses, nothing is out of your reach. It can also be generally used as a search tool as any shortcut that you enter on this tool can lead you accurately to the destination folder of the original file. Another advantage and helpful idea we derived for you is the right click method. Without even launching Long Path Tool, just right click on the file and click on the long path icon, it would send the file directly to the software. Not just this, it also remembers the previous paths you went to and help you re-launch or reuse the file. Whenever you open Long Path, it would open to the page you were last using helping you in another way.

An Intelligent Solution: Long Path Tool

An Intelligent Solution: Long Path Tool

We have all been through the problem of handling long addresses that are not processed by the system. More often than not, there seems to be no solution to this issue. But that has all changed now with the release of software that does not only deal with this but a lot of other problems as well. Whether it is a problem deleting files or errors editing and changing documents, Long Path Tool is the answer.

Long Path Tool is an efficient and user-friendly database that deals with all problems regarding files, folders, and launching of software. It’s fast-paced, error-free and usable with any operating system there is. It not only helps you launch files but also renames destination folders, deletes system files that you want removed and reduces the whole loading process into seconds. In short, it is your best option to unlock, manage and rename files that have more than the system-required 255 characters.

Not only this, it helps you deal with all kinds of system generated errors that often complain against the validity and the processing of your command. This tool is engineered to provide you a solution to these unmanageable problems that you encounter every day. It’s unique and sleek design makes it easy to use for all manner of audiences. This software helps you get rid of all those error messages like path too long, the program being used already and invalid command. It makes your time with your system problem-free and a satisfying experience all the more.

Now you may think that this software can only handle minor problems and issues but you’ve never been more wrong. This extraordinary software can process requests up to 32,000 characters. All types of files and programs are now easily and readily available to you for use. No extra charges and no spam download. After downloading this, you can relax and work however and whichever way you want. Its user-friendly interface has made it a hit as all you need to do is download it online and save it on your system. The downloading process is brief and simple as is the software.

The best thing about this tool is that it is freely compatible with all and every kind of operating system there is. You can download it anywhere and whenever you have to handle a program or a file with a long name, just click on the icon and it will lead you to it.

Briefly said, Long Path is your ultimate solution to all those files and programs that are unreachable by Windows Explorer due to their long API’s. Long Path has thus, made all and every file and folder available to you. Now no path is too long or invalid. It has numerous qualities but another one worth mentioning is the manipulation of even a shortcut to reach the original file or folder. On the press of just a key, you will be immediately directed to the destination folder.

Long Path Tool Program

Long Path Tool Program

This program enables you to get the files and folders that windows explorer refuses to reach, that is anything with a path longer than the windows application support characters. Basically this software solves the problem of having inability to copy, rename, delete files and folders with long paths or locked by some application. They could be created by virus, different OS or any other software’s. Usually these types of files are not accessible using Windows and therefore can’t be able to delete them also.

Long Path Tool Program provides the list of simple file and folders that are currently available in the directory by simply using drag and drop and help to navigate to the path directly. From there, by simply click on the file or folder that want to move, copy, delete by click of the appropriate button i-e Move, Copy or Delete. All these options are also available by right-click menu. Moreover Long Path Tool Program use for following purposes:

  • To edit, copy or move locked file and folders
  • To access to the context menu via right-click
  • To rename of long name files and folders
  • To delete locked files and folder
  • To delete files and folders having exceed allowed characters or symbols
  • To export the file in directory for further makes use of

Long Path Tool Program make use of variety of techniques to delete the unrelenting or locked files, including challenge to handle, killing the process holding the file open, unloading the DLL that may have open the file handle, scheduling the file to be deleted on the next reboot, etc.

Anyone that uses the computer is involved in the file management in some way. So, the long path tool can be used by everybody for easy access of file management in an user-friendly manner. So, any person who would like to do his or her file management, with a program which helps them to do their file management without any getting computer error messages can use the program. After that, you can start to manage your computer file with the long path tool and say goodbye to the computer error messages.

Long path tool is one of the leading computer utility software designed especially for solving various computer errors and help you to manage files.

Long Path Tool have numerous advantages few of which are highlighted:

  • Easy to download and simple to use. It has a user friendly interface and is flexible enough to be used in multiple situations
  • Searches out long path files and folders very fast
  • Does not require any special system specifications.
  • Files which are system locked can be deleted.
  • Files from mapped network folders can be deleted
  • Provides a list of files and paths with file path of more than 200 characters. This would help you deciding the course of action
  • It can close the application using the file
  • The locking process can be unloaded
  • Provides the ability to copy/ delete or rename files and folders
  • Enables deletion of file or folder after rebooting
  • Can omit file names specified by the user as not valid or of long file names
  • Easy to upgrade

The Long Path Tool

The Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is very useful if you are having problems in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files that are considered filename too long by your system.

In some cases, you might experience issues renaming files with more than 300 characters, managing and accessing them, this program has been launched to address this issue. If you also face issues such as error messages that informs you about the path being lengthy, destination path being lengthy or can’t delete files; then this tool is most suitable for you.

This program is also suitable for circumstances where you find these type of error messages: There is a sharing transgression, can’t read disk or source file, can’t delete folder or file, file name is is too long or invalid, and several other errors that might be encountered when computing.

This program is launched to erase all these type of managing issues and provide sleek interface in which users can work on. Finally, error messages such as lengthy path, filename being lengthy, “Error 320, This path is lengthy” and path being lengthy will be solve for ever. This awesome program is capable of handling pathnames that has within 32,000 characters of internal limit.

How to use the Long Path Tool

You just have to download the program online and start enjoying the services. Long path tool can work with all Window Operating System including Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, 2003, Vista, 2000, XP, Windows 7, Windows server 2000, Windows server 2008, Windows 8, Windows server 2012. Generate an icon for easy accessibility of the LPT on your computer. Whenever you want to manage files with lengthy filename, just click on the icon and it will immediately link you to a window which shows all of your files. There you can delete, move, rename and open your files without having to worry about error messages telling you there is a problem somewhere.

The LST accesses the folders and files immediately and possesses an easy and comfortable interface that everyone understands. You don’t need any unique system requirement to set up this program and everything is executed quickly and easily.


The LPT is really a comfortable program to posses mostly when you need a lasting solution to your files being managed effectively.

What most users love about this software are the support and updates they freely receive; even when they are using the trial version. You can get free updates and information on your email. The LPT is effective, fast and very simple for anyone to operate and use any convenient time.

Using Long Path Tool Software to Fix File Path Too Long Error

Using Long Path Tool Software to Fix File Path Too Long Error

File path too long error message is one of the most boring error messages especially when trying to copy a compressed file. You could try for several rounds but the file path too long error keeps coming. Well, don’t get bored as that could make you want to hit your computer, it is fixable with an easy to use Long Path Tool Software.

Before then, let us try to see what it is and what file path mistake you have made causing your computer to go crazy against you and how to fix it at ease using a Long Path Tool Software.

File Path Too Long, What Is It?

If you are facing this issues, it means you have saved your file or document in a directory that has so many previous directories. Due to journeys into several folders before a final folder where you document is located, there would be varying paths based on how many directories are involved. And once the path is more than 125 characters in length, the ‘file path too long error’ occurs.

Resolving with Long Path Tool Software

Files trapped in a ‘file path too long’ error message can easily be fixed using a comprehensive task-solving Long Path Tool Software. This tool in addition to its ease of use will not just solve your current wailing problem but would also ensures you are happy dealing with the error in subsequent encounters.



There are a lot to know about this great pc tool, it basically manages your files well, it gives you access to your files that cannot be easily accessible. They are basic things to know about this pc program ;

• The long path tool is a kind of pc program that assists you easily in tackling issues with long name files that have problems in managing, renaming and unlocking them. As pc users, we encounter files with long names consisting of about 255 characters and files like this makes it hard for you to manage, like renaming and unlocking them, this tool helps in solving problems like this.

• It unlocks files that are locked by other system processes. Some files are locked and completely inaccessible due to them being locked by other system processes, but with this tool of can unlock files with that issue.

• The long path tool also assist pc users, in solving file issues like destination path too long, path too long, cannot delete file, cannot read source from disk, sharing violation, invalid file name., file may be in use. We experience problems like this once in a while when working with our pc, but this tool helps in solving issues like this.

• Managing your files on your pc, is very important, as it makes your system files organised and accessible for you to use, but people at times find it hard to do, but with this tool, it makes it easier for you to manage your files, with any form of stress.

• The program has a user friendly interface, for easy use and accessibility, after installing the application on your system, you can quickly access using a shortcut, and the interface is easy to understand and use irrespective of your computer experience.

• This program is available for download online, and is compatible with Windows operating system, it works on versions like the windows 95, windows 98, windows NT, windows 2000, windows 2003, windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, with does server 2003, windows server 2003, windows server 2008, windows server 2012.

• There are usually updates for this program, so as to get improvements with the program, when its being used by users. The updates usually come from time to time. You subscribe to the program channel to get updates, also news about the app are sent regularly to your mail.

This program is vital for pc users encountering problems mentioned above, so as to manage their files well enough. It’s a must program to download when managing your files as it gives out the best user experience.

possibility to rename files that are 255 characters long

What is Long Path Tool?

As the name says, it is a tool that deals with files, folders that have a path that is too long. If you encountered many times errors like: “File Path too long” or a “File cannot be copied” or “Destination path too long” or “The filename or extension is too long”, then this program is the right solution for you. Now you can easily fix this error in a few very simple steps with Long Path Tool. You can use this program to have the the possibility to rename files that are 255 characters long!

But, this is not all that this program has to offer for you. It has a lot other features that can improve your daily file managing experience. There are a bunch of other errors that deal with file access. I am sure you have encountered these errors at least once: “Cannot read from source file or disk” or “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” and you Googled it and searched in forums for the solution to delete your file. Now you don’t have to do this anymore and you can save time by using Long Path Tool. This program uses a series of procedures to help you get rid of these errors, procedures like closing the handle, killing the process holding the file open, unloading the DLL that may have open the file handle etc.

Another very frequent error  occurs when you try to delete a file and you receive an error message which says that the file is in use. Some of these error messages are:  “The source or destination file may be in use” or “The file is in use by  another program or user” or “Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use”.  It is very annoying when you have to search which program uses the file you want to delete and sometimes you don’t even find it. But those times are over with Long Path Tool which comes into play by removing these errors using some of the methods that were already mentioned. Basically Long Path Tool does the job for you!  It is very helpful especially when you try to move a lot of data from one folder to another because when these errors appear you don’t have to cancel all the operation and search for the process that file uses. So, in this way you can also save a lot of time when managing your files!

All these functions are enclosed in a very user friendly interface which is meant to do your job easier by removing those errors that tend to appear always when we are in a hurry and we want to quickly move, copy, rename or delete a file.

As you can see, Long Path Tool saves you from a lot of trouble when dealing with files and folders. It is a fast, powerful, easy to use tool that has a large variety of functions from moving, copying and accessing files and folders to removing and granting permission for different operations we execute daily.

Long Path Tool Software

Long Path Tool Software

Facing problems in unlocking, deleting, and remaining files that possess long filenames?

Facing long time errors and unable to find a solution for those nasty files?


Long Path tool is highly reliable software which automatically deletes file or folders that have longer paths and undetermined destination. The software is highly recommended to all computer users who are facing long time problem in getting rid of files. It is easy to use and delete the file from its root directory. These problems are annoying and cannot be permanently solved manually.

Also, it helps you to copy the files which come with error message of access denied and many more errors that annoys you and gets on your nerves.

Salient features of the software are:

  1. A user friendly interface
  2. Extremely simple to use.
  3. Quickly scans the infected folder or file.
  4. Suitable for all windows version such as 95/98/2000/2003/XP/Vista.
  5. Rapidly deletes files with longer path and file names.
  6. Easily deletes system path files.
  7. Manages defected files and folders up to 32000 characters.
  8. Modifies the folder and file paths.
  9. Completely closes the application that uses the file.
  10. Gives a long lasting solution.

Steps taken by software to permanently delete the problem folder are as follows:

  1. Download the software from the website link provided
  2. Select the folder to be deleted.
  3. As you delete the selected folder, you are not able to delete it.
  4. Open the longpathtool program.
  5. Select the folder to be deleted in the program.
  6. Locate it and press the Delete button; a message is displayed to confirm the deletion.
  7. On choosing the Yes button; the problem folder is deleted from the root directory.
  8. The file gets deleted.

Steps taken by software to rename a problem folder are as follows:

  1. Select the folder to be renamed in the longpathtool program.
  2. Choose the Rename button; the message box is displayed confirming the renaming of the folder.
  3. Enter the new name for the folder and choose the Rename button.
  4. As a result, the folder is provided with a new name.

So, this software gives you an easier way to solve the errors faced through the program. It does give an effective and permanent solution to simple problems. It is a complete program that is desired and a requirement for every computer savvy. The software is highly effective and best suited to all operating systems.

The software can be downloaded for free 30 day trial from the website. After the first download, the email updates and news are sent via emails to the respective accounts of client. Also, the latest applications links are provided through email notifications.

Give Your Shot And Download The Software As Soon As Possible!


cannot delete folder


Long path tool is an end to problems of not being able to manage, unlock, delete, and rename files with long file names. I’m sure most of us have come across the trouble of not being able to do these things and we are left frustrated, and so long path tool comes in handy.

There are some times you encounter a problem of managing your files, accessing these files, deleting these files, and most likely renaming these files, probably because the name of the file is longer than it should be and the system restricts renaming it, or a file that cannot be deleted directly due to certain reasons. The long path tool is your savior in these kinds of conditions. You will never be frustrated anymore.

Why use the long path tool?

You should use the long path tool if you have a file that has more than 200 characters and you want to rename it, or if you are receiving error messages like – can not rename file, path too long, destination path too long, too long path, can not delete file, can not move file. These are perfect situations that the long path tool is a solution to.

There are also times where you get in a situation like, “can not read disk”, “cannot read source file”, “cannot read from the source file”, “there is sharing violation “, “cannot delete folder”, “file name too long”, “error 1320”,“file destination already in use“ and you know you are not using that file destination, you should get the long path tool for complete solution to these frustrations and you should not expect any of these anymore for as long as you have the long path tool. This program can handle file or folder names of up to 32000 characters without any problems.

Where and how to use this program

this program is available in all windows generations, from old to new, Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows Vista, Windows me, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Virtually every windows you can find in computer systems.

To use this program you can install it on your computer from the internet. If you have a file you want to rename that normally do not allow renaming you can click on the installed long path tool icon on your desktop, thereafter you can search for the file you want to rename through this tool and voila, it’s time to rename it. As easy as that, no complications.

Final verdict

The long path tool is a friend that wants to free you of the frustration of not being able to manage your files and folders, delete those annoying files, or renaming those awfully long files. The long path tool can be downloaded for your system from, it’s completely free and easy to download. Installing it means getting rid of all those problems listed above. So what are you waiting for? It’s all you’ve been looking for. Grab a copy of the long path tool immediately.